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Norway's largest mass relocation?

A significant amount of rock is being moved at Frier West at the moment. Locally sourced materials form the foundation for the new port terminal in Frierfjorden, and the work is literally in full swing.


"This is one of the larger ongoing mass relocation projects in Norway now," says Kjetil Holst-Larsen, project manager at Hæhre Entreprenør AS. The company is responsible for blasting and extraction for what will become a significant commercial area in the Grenland region.

The work started in December 2022, and Hæhre has around 30 people working on construction machinery at any given time, in addition to five to six people handling environmental safety, health and safety, and other required follow-up tasks.

Sea filling poses a challenge

"There are high demands for fast delivery, so there is no room for errors here. 3.2 million cubic meters will be blasted out, and 1.2 million of these will form the foundation for Frier West Port Terminal," explains Kjetil. For comparison, the largest pyramid in Egypt has a volume of 2.5 million cubic meters.

The unused block stones from Frierfjorden will be sold on the open market. Hæhre exports a significant amount of block stones to countries such as Germany, Poland, and Denmark.

"We have experience with similar projects, but in this industry, each assignment is almost like a prototype. At Frier West, the challenge is the sea filling, where we also need to avoid stirring up bottom sediments and prevent particle dispersion outside the designated area."

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Filtering particles and picking up plastic

Hæhre has established a so-called silt curtain in the sea around the entire area that will become the new quay area. It is a type of cloth hanging from floats on the sea surface and anchored to the seabed. The curtain filters the water flow, preventing particle dispersion into Frierfjorden.

The silt curtain is 1300 meters long and 30 meters deep. It requires regular inspections, and measuring devices need to be checked to ensure they function optimally at all times.

The entire operation for Hæhre at Frier West Asdal is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024. By then, 180 acres will be ready for development and expansion on land, in addition to a larger area on the sea fill. The work has also resulted in a locally sourced and sustainable foundation for Frier West Port Terminal.


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