Frier Vest
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Green industry and expertise

Frier Vest occupies a prime location in Grenland, an industrialised region in the south of Norway. A 700-hectare industrial park is under development here.

About Frier Vest
Grønn energi
Green energy

Businesses at Frier Vest will have access to ample supplies of renewable electric power.

Port capacity

A state-of-the-art port facility to handle all cargo types is under development.


Industrial infrastructure such as coolant and process water supplies can be provided.


A region with sound industrial expertise at all levels, from skilled workers to research institutions.

700 hectares of industrial land under development, with 320 hectares already zoned.

Available sites

Timeline for the Frier Vest development


December 2021

Bamble municipality invested in Frier Vest Holding AS. The company is now owned 30% by Bamble municipality and 70% by Port of Grenland.

November 2021

The parties in the "Joint Battery Initiative" have decided to end their feasibility study. Site selection process in Norway and EU ended.

October 2021

Shipment of stone from Frier Vest begins.

August 2021

The Joint Battery Initiative considers setting up a battery cell manufacturing plant in Norway, with Frier Vest one of four possible locations.

March 2021

Work begins on a detailed zoning plan for the site west of county road 353, an area of 370 hectares.

February 2021

Bamble council approves the Frier Vest zoning plan covering 320 hectares.

November 2020

The company Frier Vest Holding AS is formed.

March 2018

Grenland Havn IKS begins buying up land for the Frier Vest industrial park.

January 2008

The idea of Frier Vest as the future location of an industrial park is born.

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