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Local Energy at Frier Vest

Frier Vest has entered into a collaboration agreement with Hydro's subsidiary, Hydro Rein. – The goal is to be able to generate electricity at Frier Vest and provide smart energy solutions for businesses establishing themselves here.

Geir Vala og Ryan Glenn Anderson feirer avtalen mellom Frier Vest og Hydro Rein

So says Geir Vala, Managing Director of Frier Vest.

Hydro Rein represents Hydro's commitment to renewable energy and works with solar power, wind power, batteries, energy storage, efficiency, digitization, and smart grid infrastructure. Renewable energy is something potential establishments will likely require a lot of, according to Vala.

Specifically, Hydro Rein will explore local and locally sourced energy solutions within the industrial area. Power production and smart solutions within the premises, simply put!, says Vala.

It could involve using batteries to store electricity, installing solar panels on rooftops, or even wind turbines within the industrial area.

Local production of green energy

Ryan Glenn Anderson, Director of Hydro Rein, is very pleased with the collaboration agreement with Frier Vest.

I'm glad to establish this partnership. We are interested in exploring local alternatives for smart energy solutions. Reins' ambition is to facilitate renewable energy adoption in the industry, says Anderson.

Frier Vest has great potential for both establishments and the green shift. However, it is energy-intensive, and there are currently limitations and bottlenecks in the grid. That's why it's natural for us to explore what we can do together and as locally as possible.

Solar power is the most likely option

Primarily, solar power is the most likely option for Frier Vest, but other solutions are also being considered.

We have made the most progress discussing solar power, both ground-mounted and rooftop installations. However, we are also exploring the possibility of wind power, as well as battery solutions for load balancing. We are also looking into smart grid solutions that can help reduce strain on the grid, he adds.


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