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Hans Olav appointed as interim leader

Hans Olav Storkås has been appointed as interim Managing Director of Frier Vest Holding AS. –

Portrett av Hans Olav Storkås

Frier Vest Holding AS is 69.55% owned by Grenland Havn IKS and the rest by Bamble municipality. Frier Vest Holding AS owns 65% of the property company Frier Vest Asdal AS, of which Norsk Pukkservice AS is the other owner.

Versatile background

Hans Olav has a versatile background. He has previously been Managing Director of NRC, and before this he was General Manager of facilities in Lemminkäinen. He has had a company together with Risa and was Department Director for tunnels in AF Gruppen. Recently, he has worked as a consultant, including as Managing Director of Frier Vest Asdal AS.

On June 3rd he took over from Geir Vala as Managing Director of Frier Vest Holdning AS. And with that comes major tasks in leading the development of the fully zoned industrial area on the west side of the Frierfjord in Grenland.

Hans Olav is a civil engineer by training, and graduated from NTH (now NTNU) in Trondheim in 1989. He then embarked on a career in construction and project management.

– This is a fun task to take over. With the new port at Frier Vest as a logistics centre, it is exciting to see what we can achieve in the rest of the industrial area. There are many interested parties, and with a future establishment of Vianode on the site closest to the port, there will be even greater interest, says Hans Olav about the work that lies ahead.

Important to see the totality

Since last year, Hans Olav has worked as Project Manager for both the development of the site for Vianode for Frier Vest Asdal AS and for the port development for Grenland Havn IKS. There are an incredible number of connections in such a project and everything is connected to everything, which is why it is important to have an overall project management that can see the totality.

– Here it is important to think that we are all one team and work in one project togheter.

– We have many win-win situations with our contractor Hæhre, and they have been good at seeing practical solutions along the way. In addition, it is a great advantage that the politicians in Bamble and the rest of the area have such a great interest in and such extensive knowledge of industry. That so many people here have the industry in their DNA is a huge advantage, concludes Hans Olav.


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