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The region

Conveniently located between Oslo and Kristiansand, with excellent transport links, Grenland is part of a much wider housing and labour market. Almost half a million people live within an hour’s reach. That means the region has a diversified economy and access to a large workforce.

Oversiktsfoto over Porsgrunn. Foto: Johannes Fredriksen, Gea Norvegica Geopark
Oversiktsfoto over Porsgrunn. Foto: Johannes Fredriksen, Gea Norvegica Geopark

Grenland – Norway’s leading manufacturing cluster

The region is known as the main centre of the process industry in Norway, but it is also a major player in electromechanics, mechanical engineering and other industries. The manufacturing sector in Grenland is firmly focused on efficient production and innovation. Manufacturers here were early converts to the green revolution, and long-established heavy industries have shown an impressive willingness and ability to adapt.

Thanks to our proud manufacturing heritage, businesses in the region have access to a large pool of skilled labour and other employees with industrial expertise and experience. Grenland’s established culture of shift work and 24/7 operations is another advantage.

Industrial expertise

Industry-focused vocational education remains popular in Grenland, with a wide range of courses and apprenticeship programmes available. Fagskolen Vestfold og Telemark is a college offering advanced vocational education in fields such as technology and industrial production, electrical engineering, and building and construction.

The Porsgrunn campus of the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programmes, and continuing education, in process, energy and environmental technology, and in electronics, IT and cybernetics.

Grenland has become a highly respected centre of excellence in research and development, with industry leading the way. More than 400 researchers are employed by various companies in the research park at Herøya industrial park. USN is increasingly playing a key role in R&D in the region, working closely with industry on new production solutions and innovations.

Excellent working relationships exist between the manufacturing sector, supplier businesses and R&D institutions. The Green Industry Cluster network and the Industrial Green Tech Arena cluster are working towards the shared goal of becoming the world’s first climate-positive industrial region and providing innovative green solutions to global markets.

Bilde av Grenland Havns kontorbygg i Brevik
Bilde av Grenland Havns kontorbygg i Brevik

City life, culture, mountains and skerries

The local government districts of Bamble, Porsgrunn, Skien, Kragerø, Drangedal and Siljan form a single housing and labour market and the largest population centre between Oslo and Kristiansand. Towns are strung out like pearls across the region, with an abundance of shopping opportunities, charming cafés and restaurants, and an unusually diverse and high-quality cultural scene. Grenland offers the perfect blend of urban and rural living. Forests, mountains and skerries, beautiful coastal scenery and fabulous ski trails – all are just minutes away.

You can find a reasonably priced home in the countryside, on the coast or right downtown. The choice is yours.

It’s refreshingly easy to get about in Grenland, whether you live here or just commute in for work. If you’re driving, you don’t have to waste time in traffic jams. An efficient public transport network connects the region’s towns, and there is excellent cycling infrastructure.

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