Frier Vest
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Frier Vest will comprise 700 hectares of industrial land on the west side of the Frierfjord. In the heart of Norway’s process industry cluster, the Frierfjord is adjacent to 1,100 hectares of industrial land.

Zoning plans

In February 2021, Bamble Municipality finally adopted the area plan for Frier Vest, encompassing 3,200 hectares to the east of Fv353 between Herre and Asdal in Bamble. This plan includes the existing petrochemical factory facilities of Ineos and Inovyn, as well as approximately 600 hectares of new area for harbor and industry to the south.

Due to several requests for land for large-scale production facilities, further expansion of the industrial purpose is being planned, encompassing approximately 5,000 hectares in the ongoing land use plan of the municipality. The new municipal plan, including the area plan and societal section, was adopted in May 2022.

The detailed regulation of 3,700 hectares of the expanded area was adopted in May 2022, with the exception of the BN2 area, which has yet to be clarified.

Land secured

In the southeastern part of the site, Frier Vest Holding AS already owns or has an option to purchase all the properties covered by the Frier Vest zoning plan, except for the areas where petrochemical operations were established in the 1970s.

Frier Vest Holding AS has secured the land to the west of county road 353 through options to purchase the properties.

Facts about the various industrial areas.

Frier Tråk BN 1

BN 1 is the area closest to Herre.

  • Area: 907.32 hectares

  • Maximum building height: 20 meters above the leveled terrain

  • The highest leveled terrain elevation should not exceed +118 meters.

Frier Tråk BN 3

BN 3 is the area located closest to the existing industrial area where INEOS is located.

  • Area: 277.23 hectares

  • Maximum building height: 35 meters above the leveled terrain

  • Maximum 60% of the buildings can have a height above 25 meters.

  • The highest leveled terrain elevation should not exceed +55 meters.

Frier Tråk BN 4

BN 4 is a smaller area located between BN 1 and BN 2.

  • Area: 42.24 hectares.

  • The maximum building height in BN 4 is 20 meters above the leveled terrain.

  • The highest leveled terrain elevation should not exceed +95 meters.

Frier Vest Asdal and Frier Vest Port Terminal

This is the area where development is in full swing.

  • The total area is 400 hectares.

  • Frier Vest Port Terminal covers 200 hectares and is situated at elevation 3. It will contain a Smart Container Port.

  • Frier Vest Asdal is the area above the Port Terminal. It also spans 200 hectares and is located at elevation 30.

Frier Tråk BN 2

BN 2 is not yet fully regulated due to objections from the County Governor. Dialogues are ongoing.

  • Total area: 414 hectares.

  • Maximum building height: 40 meters above the leveled terrain.

  • The area should be divided into a minimum of two terrain levels.

  • The highest leveled terrain elevation should not exceed +106 meters.

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