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Vianode signs a lease agreement with Frier Vest

Vianode, a Norwegian producer of sustainable battery materials, has signed a lease agreement with Frier Vest Asdal AS and Grenland Havn IKS for an industrial plot of 250 acres at Frier Vest. The agreement provides Vianode with the opportunity for a significant industrial establishment in Bamble municipality.


The agreement secures Vianode access to a plot of land that the company intends to use for a full-scale factory for sustainable production of the battery material graphite. A final investment decision for the expansion is contingent upon necessary framework conditions, including access to power and support schemes, as well as commercial terms.

"The agreement accelerates the development of Frier Vest, and an establishment could provide significant growth for the entire Grenland region. Vianode is a company that aligns perfectly with Frier Vest's strategy. We seek innovative industrial tenants who can make full use of the attractive location, including immediate access to an efficient port facility," said Roy Vardheim, Chairman of Frier Vest Holding AS.

"Frier Vest is an attractive industrial area that can enable the establishment of sustainable large-scale production in proximity to Vianode's factory for customer qualification currently under construction at Herøya and our pilot and research environment in Kristiansand. The contract demonstrates Vianode's intentions for further establishment in Norway as part of our scaling plan in Europe and North America. Vianode's next factory will be established where framework conditions and commercial terms best align with Vianode's ambitions," said Hans Erik Vatne, Acting CEO and COO of Vianode.

Vianode's materials are produced with approximately 90 percent lower CO2 emissions than today's conventional materials, which are based on significantly less energy-efficient technology and more polluting energy sources. The properties of the materials impact various aspects of batteries. In electric vehicles, this includes faster charging, increased range, longer lifespan, as well as improved safety and recyclability.

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